Andover High School Lacrosse- Week Eight

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend, and is getting ready for another action packed week of lacrosse!  As hard as it is to believe, this week will be our final week of regular season games, and the end of our JV/B season.  It seems as if we just got started!  That said, we have a full week coming up before we are done, and we are excited to get started.  Here is the schedule this week:
Monday- Normal practice (V 3:45-5:15, JV/B 4:30-6).
Tuesday- Gameday at Irondale. Game times are 4pm/5pm/6:30pm.  Bus times are 2:55pm (JV/B), returning around 6:30, and 5pm (V), returning about 8pm.  Please wear your Black uniforms.
Wednesday- Gameday at Armstrong, for JV and V only.  Game times are 5 and 6:30pm, bus time (one bus only) leaving at 3:45pm, returning around 8:15pm.  Please wear your Black uniforms.
Thursday- Two things on Thursday:
1) Lacrosse player surveys.  This will take place at 3pm in the computer lab in room B202, and should only take about 10 minutes.  This is a MANDATORY requirement for each player, and is extremely valuable for both our lacrosse program and our AD, as we look to get feedback on what went right as a program in 2019, and what we can do to improve in 2020.  Thanks in advance for your attendance and feedback! 
2) It is also a gameday vs. Totino Grace at home for JV and V only.  Game times are flipped for this game to accommodate our referees.  As such, our Varsity game time is 4pm (report time 3pm), and our JV game is at 5:30pm (report time 4:45pm).  Please wear your white uniform.
Friday- Normal practice time for Varsity (3:45-5:15pm.  JV/B practice will be a little shorter, from 5:00-6:00.  During this JV/B practice, we will do a handful of things to end our season:
– Uniform, pinnie, and bag return.  Once we have all of your players gear, and confirm that everything was returned in good condition, we will shred your gear deposit.  
– 2020 Captain Voting.  All freshman, sophomore, and junior players will be able to vote for 4 2020 Captains, to be announced at our end of season banquet on June 4th.  
– Coach feedback for our returning players.  While we talk to our players throughout the season regarding their progress and the things that they should be working on, we also like to take one last opportunity to review the spring season with each player, talk about the things that went well, and give them a skill to focus on in the off-season to help them be ready for tryouts next spring!
This usually takes about 30 minutes or so.  After that, players are free to go.  For those who are looking for one last round of power and finesse, we will suit up goalies and spend the last 30 minutes on fun games, etc.
Finally, I mentioned our year end banquet briefly above.  This is a final opportunity to get our entire team together to celebrate all of the hard work and success we had as a program in 2019, and give everyone a chance to dress up and have fun off the lacrosse field!  It will be on June 4th from 6-8:30pm at Majestic Oaks Restaurant in Blaine.  The link to RSVP via Evite is:   Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
This has been an incredibly fun, exciting, and fast season!   Thank you for allowing us to share your daughters valuable time this spring, they have made this season an amazing one, and we are very interested to see how it ends.  Thank you as always for your support, we know just how crazy the spring can be, and appreciate your continued willingness to go above and beyond to help your players and our program continue to grow and thrive; we could not do it without you!!